What is an agent, distributor and importer – who can join the Association of Trade Partners Finland (ATPF)?

A commercial trade agent is a person who in business has agreed with another person or a company (the principal) to independently but on behalf of the principal to engage in the sale of goods by obtaining orders for the principal or by concluding agreements in his name.

A distributor is a person or a company engaged in the general distribution or marketing of some goods or a wholesaler who has exclusive rights to market, within a given territory, the goods of a manufacturer or company.

An importer is a sole distributor or retailer who has his principal outside of Finland.


What does the Association of Trade Partners Finland (ATPF) offer for its members?

ATPF works on both short and long term goals through national and international networks, lobbying, membership services and fairs, with the aim of improving the business and profitability of member companies. 

For its members the Association offers special advantages in the form of e.g. legal counseling, different types of contract templates and a Nordic database. Most of the membership advantages can be accessed at the members part on this website with a login provided for the members.

From the initiative of the international organization, Internationally United Agents and Brokers (IUCAB), an international database for agents and distributors was formed in 2010. ATPF joined this database in 2015. In the database companies can search for agents or distributors from specific region or segment. Companies can also advertise their products or needs for an agent in the database.

All ATPF members have free access to the database.