Polarstoff is a trade fair which has been organized by ATPF and executed by it’s textile division since the late 1980’s. It is a fabric fair, in which there are on average about 15 exhibitors, both members of ATPF and also Finnish fabric manufacturers.

The fair gathers over 200 professional visitors over two days to explore the latest fabrics, accessories and trimmings for the clothing industry. The exhibitors are presenting European manufacturers from e.g. Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Great Britain, Netherlands and Turkey. Also available are collections from outside the Europe, manufacturers from e.g. Korea, India, Indonesia, China and Hong Kong.

Polarstoff is arranged in Fashion Center’s Fashion Garage.

Address: Härkähaankuja 14, 01730 Vantaa


Other events

Ulkomaankaupan Agenttiliitto, the Association Trade Partners Finland (ATPF) organizes events with its members and cooperational companies, such as Finnish fabric manufacturers or professionals from different industry sectors. These events are either aimed at the members or often for both members and other professionals.

The events are a useful way to network and relate to other agents or clients, existing or prospective clients. Besides networking the events offer also valuable information of current topics.