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EU Commission tuore päätös on jättää Kauppa-agentteja koskeva EU direktiivi ennalleen. EU direktiivi 86/653 on siis edelleen voimassa. Tämä saatiin aikaiseksi IUCABin päättäväisellä työllä ja erinomaisilla perusteluilla. IUCAB pystyi osoittamaan vakuuttavalla datalla direktiivin vaikutuspiirissä olevien henkilöiden ja yritysten määrän sekä direktiivin toimivuuden myös nykypäivänä.

Alla on lehdistötiedote sekä sen tiimoilta käyty mailikeskustelu teidän kaikkien tiedoksi.


Dear All,

have already expected such a discussion – so  I have immediately inquired after the publication of the report to the Commission. The response from Gerd Heinen – who wrote the review report manly – has a clear result. The response has unfortunately been somewhat delayed due to his holiday absence.

He wrote to me that the evaluation of the Directive has been completed with the publication of the report. A vote by the Commission to each individual listed program in the REFIT initiative is not automatically provided, unless in case of a required change in legislation. But such is not even given in the Commercial Agents Directive with the look on the clear results of the evaluation report. Future evaluations of the Directive (medium or long term) of course are not excluded.

So, for the Commission the evaluation of the commercial agents Directive under the REFIT program has been completed and even finished with the publication of the report.

So the wording of the press release is completely correct.

Best greetings from Berlin


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P Please, think before you print.

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Von: David V Johnson [mailto:david@themaa.co.uk]
Gesendet: Dienstag, 18. August 2015 22:32
An: Christian.Rebernig@wko.at; info@iucab.com
Betreff: RE: Press release: commercial agents Directive saved for the future

I agree with your sentiments.
We have a phrase that says” it is not over until the …lady sings!”
On 5th August – I have also mentioned this to the team & urged caution.
Maybe best we say
EU REFIT team supports the retention of the EU Directive for Commercial Sales Agents.

David Johnson

From: Christian.Rebernig@wko.at [mailto:Christian.Rebernig@wko.at]
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Subject: Re: Press release: commercial agents Directive saved for the future

Dear Mr President,
dear Mr Secretary General,
hallo IUCAB friends,

thank you for the press release.

I am a little bit confused about the information. Analysing the report published on the website of the EU commission and especially the longer version I come to the conclusion that the recommendation is made by the DG market, department of Mrs Rehbinder.
You received also this information of our former Vice President Walter Krammer in the beginning of July.

Therefore it is true in the press release that the recommendation is published on the website of the EU commission but a final decision of the commission is not taken until now. Of course I think that the commission will follow the recommendation of his specialised department but now we haven’t finished our race. There are some meters missing until the 100m race is won.

Please be therefore careful with this kind of press release. I know that maybe the Austrians are to correct in this matter but in the past there were sometimes surprises and we have learned celebrating a victory after passing the finish line.

If I haven’t the full actual information so let me please know about your opinion.

Kind regards from Tuscany and all the best
Christian Rebernig

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Am 12.08.2015 um 15:48 schrieb info iucab <info@iucab.com>:
Dear all,

At the request of the Expert Group “Internet Platform” (Helena Waker), I herewith send you a copy of the press release regarding the commercial agents Directive.


Paul Holtrop
IUCAB Secretary General


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